2Blunt is Boston’s newest home for urban entertainment. Providing content from 3 main categories; music, male fashion and female lifestyle, 2Blunt provides all your needs.

2BluntLIVE is a portion on 2Blunt that embodies the music life in Boston. The primary focus for now is within the HipHop and urban culture, nonetheless 2BluntLIVE is not limited to this demographic. 2BL will be composed of three shows:

Barz– A show dedicated to giving artists in the city the chance to showcase their lyrical talent. (Monthly)
WatTheDeal? – This show will be a behind the scenes look at what is going on MusicArtists
2BluntLIVE – This self entitled name will be longer episodes which essentially showcase content from LIVE performances.

How We Kick It is a channel on 2BluntTv dedicated to male urban fashion. Boston is thriving in the urban fashion field, HWKI is an attempt to broadcast this energy to the given public.  The shows are the following;

Kickin It @– this portion of the segment is dedicated to hanging out with local boutiques .

Camping it Out– This show will showcase the struggles these collector must go through in order to keep their fresh. The Vault – This show will focus on sneaker heads with the best collections.

Local Produce – This is segment is dedicated to local brands and their services and products.

Bold ‘n’ Beautiful is a portion on 2Blunt that touches base with Female Lifestyle. It accomplishes it goal with 2 segments, which are the following;

Sashay on the Runway – This show covers fashion shows. Interviews with designers and runway models are included.

From Her Lips– Is a segment where you get personal one on one interviews with influential women in the community.