2BLUNT is Boston’s newest home for urban entertainment. Providing content from 3 main categories; music, male fashion and female lifestyle, 2BLUNT provides all your needs! To stay up to date with all our latest happening, text this number! (617)395-0184

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2BluntLIVE is a portion on 2Blunt that embodies the music life in Boston. The primary focus for now is within the HipHop and urban culture, nonetheless 2BluntLIVE is not limited to this demographic. If you have videos or music you’d like us to review or put up, write us at SUBMIT@2BLUNT.COM !

Program Coordinator (2BL)- Scoobz


Scoobz plays the role of Program coordinator for 2BLUNTLIVE. This role consists of connecting the dots behind the scenes to make productions and relationships possible. Scoobz too also manages artist, his group of talent is called GMC and can be found making some impressive music.



Bold ‘n’ Beautiful is a portion on 2BLUNT that touches base with Women Lifestyle. It accomplishes this goal with WorkOut segments for Wellness and fashion/ beauty tips by local MUAs! BnB also includes exclusive interviews with notable female public figures and brand owners. Tune in.

Program Director (BnB)- Lavanyai Dieu


Lavanyai is a digital creator that is dynamic and filled will character. Her personality charms and captivates audiences as she takes them along with her on a ride of discovery and delight. Tune into see Lavanyai interview local and influential business and brand owners.

Wellness Host (BnB)- Sarah McDonald


Sarah is an ambitious entrepreneur that has a few disciplines under her belt. As a certified physical trainer and owner of a clothing line, Sarah makes for a great host. Tune into her Wellness programs on BOLD n Beautiful to get nutrition/ workout tips and the opportunity to see her performance clothing line at work. 

How We Kick It is a channel on 2BLUNT dedicated to urban fashion. Boston is thriving in the urban fashion field, HWKI is an attempt to broadcast this energy to the given public. Join us as we stop by staple boutiques in the community and interview influencers/ tastemakers!

Program Host (HWKI) – Rondell Wilkes

Rondell is a known photography model here in Boston. With appearances on Bodega, CNCPTS and SNKRS campaign, Rondell provides a familiar face for our audience. Tune into How We Kick It to get a glimpse of the sneaker culture here in Boston.