2022 crept in with unpredictability as varient as the weather has been here in NEW ENGLAND. One thing for sure though is like the PATRIOTS, we are taking a back seat in this years run for awards. Not 2 devastating though considering our young team showed glimpses of worthy competition, well not in the wildcard game but throughout the season. Another thing that is certain, is while still enjoying the transition into the new year MASSACHUSETTS continues to be a hub for local and underground music.

J&G PROMOTIONS took their talents to a local concert hall in PLYMOUTH, MA by putting together an highly anticipated concert. The host of the show was @thedoncoogi who managed the crowed and ushered in and out of the acts for the night.
J&G PROMOTIONS made sure to keep the show-line up filled with great artist from all over the city.
Notable mentions include STEVEY, FAT FLEE, DLEFTY and headliners COUSIN STIZZ and DTHEFLYEST. We were hoping to hear that the artist known as KEI would be present, but it turns out she performed at CENTRO NIGHTCLUB the night before. She has some fire music.

“Everybody slacking on they mustard better catch up.. 🏃🏾‍♂️ 💨”


Each of these artist have there own respective buzz with in the state, it was great to have an opportunity for fans to see them perform in person.

“Living way 2 fast.. take drugs 2 help me slow down”

The crowd was said to have gradually grown throughout the night and PLYMOUTH MEMORIAL HALL proved to be a good venu for the show.

“..Living in a vice land, out of sight out of mind”


Having the show in PLYMOUTH is a reminder how much room there is in MASSACHUSETTS for great underground shows. Big shout out J&G PRODUCTIONS for putting together a great one.

“Smarten up.. they go hard just 2 kill it.”

Your favorite COUSIN came through and kept it all BLESSINGS. STIZZ is arguably the biggest artist from Boston as he is authentically from DORCHESTER. COUSIN STIZZ was not the only local star to bless the stage as the rarely seem but highly acclimated DTHEFLYEST masked up to do his set.

“Put it all on the line for the gang, gang”


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People often over look the man behind the cam. I mean logically, right? After all the guy who takes the picture is generally not in that picture. But you can still feel them. I mean, each photo has the essence of the photographer in every shot. The angles they chose, the amount of light they allow in the lenses.. the whole texture and feel is determined by the operator of this magical tool, a camera. The person behind the cam is usually a pretty nifty one; capable of manipulating thousands of settings at the drop of a dime in order to capture a fading moment that will never happen again.

I mean, everyone appreciates a good cameraman or at least the photos and video content they create. But few really understand the ins and outs of the trade and the opportunities and unique experiences the job brings.

The focus of this article is on the photographer responsible for the pictures featured and has been inspiring creatives all around. We took the time to call the mystery man and get a different perspective of the photos and content he has graciously shared with the public.
The photographer/ videographer we are referring to is no other than Mr. BRED HAMPTON!

His name alone is oozing with personality. BRED, most sneaker heads may have noticed, stands for Black and Red (a notorious color way combination). HAMPTON, an ode to the late great revolutionary FRED HAMPTON. Together you get BRED HAMPTON, a cheerful, light hearted, talented individual that is glad to have stepped into his glory and passion.

The trade came naturally to BRED as he always had an ‘eye for photos’. He first picked up the camera as a hobby, photography being his first discipline. BRED would show up to local shows to shoot live events and sharpen his skills. He would go to several of them before building up the confidence to speak to JAMN’ 94.5’s DJ E DOUBLE, a decision BRED would not regret.
Several weeks later E DOUBLE offered BRED a job that snowballed into a prolific budding career in creating content with exclusive access and great quality. The job that was offered to BRED was shooting an interview with G EAZY at a local concert hall. Many artist proceeded that initial interview including CASSANOVA, ROCKY FRESH, DON Q, FAT JOE and more.

Although BRED HAMPTON had became familiar with shooting musical acts his talents and portfolio does not stop there.
BRED went on to tell us about how he got affiliated with shooting for professional athletes.
It all started with a modest phone call and a favor for a budding basketball star, TERRENCE CLARKE. The young star, Terrence Clarke tragically passed away in a fatal car accident in Los Angels, leaving loved ones heartbroken and a professional career behind.

BRED was fortunate enough to meet Terrence back in high school. The two created content with each other in the form of highlight reels. BRED credits his relationship with Terrence as being the leading catalyst for meeting other athletes.

The first professional athlete HAMPTON has ever shot was no other than Boston Celtic JAYSON TATUM. The two became close and BRED has been his leading photographer ever since. BRED commented that he is at the Garden so frequently it feels like he works there! But basketball games are not the only things BRED is shooting for JAYSON.

BRED has also been responsible for capturing photos at TATUM’s personal events and for his personal/ professional content.
HAMPTON’s relationship with JAYSON soon spilled over to service JAYLEN BROWN as well providing similar content for his high profile client.

BRED wanted to be sure to shout out the HARVARD men’s basketball team for the opportunity to work and build with them. That relationship too he had credited TERRENCE CLARKE for making the connection. 🙏🏾 🕊

After conversing with BRED for sometime, we really got the impression that he is grateful for the work that he is doing. He said he’s fulfilled and content that he has found his calling, passion and trade.
It was apparent to us that BRED aspires to inspire others to find their calling and to be creative with their contributions to life. BRED had remarked that growing up he never saw anyone that looked like him behind a camera. He wants to be the guy behind the cam that inspires someone else to just ‘GIVE IT A SHOT!’

He took some time to reflect on the first time he saw LeBron stepping out of the locker room and ‘cracking’ jokes with Killa Cam backstage at a concert, and said it ‘blew [his] mind,’ he continued, ‘who would have thought this little ol camera could get me so far’.

Before getting off the phone call, we asked BRED about his experience meeting the late VIRGIL ABLOH. He explained that VIRGIL was doing a collaboration project with the ICA in Boston and came by the facilities to do a presentation. At the event BRED got the chance to take portrait shots of the great designer and get a first hand feel for his vibe and energy. BRED went on to mention that VIRGIL must have picked up on his excitement to be there and asked him ‘what’s on your mind? You look like you have some questions for me.’

Often we look at photos or videos and enjoy the content without ever asking ourselves, ‘who took this?’ The most skilled photographers and videographers can get you engaged with their characters and perceptions of life without you ever seeing them or even knowing who they are. BRED HAMPTON is one of those photographers. We just wanted to take the time to appreciate the man behind the cam.

A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie’s AVA COLLEGE TOUR

We are well into fall 2021 and the entertainment scene around here doesn’t seem like it’s slowing down anytime soon. Promoters from all over New England are doing a great job keeping the night life vibrant and filled with events.
CONCERT CRAVE has been turning heads with all ages events that have been going up. There latest show in partnerships with PLATINUM ENTERTAINMENT GROUP was held at the Tsongas Center at UMASS Lowell’s main campus. The two promotion companies have sponsored the AVA COLLEGE TOUR and had a great line up for the night!

The first act of the night was a rising local star from South Providence, HENNESSY!

HENNY came through with a smooth laid back vibe that captivated the attention of the crowd. She was the only female act of the night and it was dope to see her command the stage with R&B. The audience received her well and it’ll be interesting to see what comes of her career. This tour was a great look for her!

The next act to hit the stage was HIGHBRIDGE’s latest signee, LIL REKK! The Philly native was a good pick as a following act, his melodies and smooth tracks made for a good transition. LIL REKK performed a couple songs and had the audience reciting every word.

The young artist has only been on the scene since 2019 with two projects out, ‘The Ticket’ and ‘World Plus’. It’s nice to see HIGHBRIDGE snatch up the talented artist. By the way REKK hit that stage you know he knows that it’s GAME TIME.

The person with the most energy of the night may have been the youngest person to hit the stage. BOUBA showed us all why they call him SAVAGE 😈😈.

BOUBA SAVAGE came to make his presence felt and he did just that. He performed a few songs including his latest track KIDNAP WHO and was really looking like an African giant on that stage.

It’s fire to see BOUBA command the crowd like he did. Son’s no more than 15 years old and he is holding his own like he’s been doing this for a decade! Can’t wait to see where he takes his career.

Ok so New York has been producing this new sound that has a mix of a nostalgic vibe and a new drill flow. The combination gives an unorthodox feel which is catchy and packed with energy. Rappers that have embraced the style include SHAWNY BINLADEN and KAY FLOCK. But the artist that appeared on the AVA COLLEGE TOUR was no other than South Bronx sinsation B-LOVEE!

B-LOVEE and KAY FLOCK have been a duo that have been making noise and even have made a few stops in the area before. Tonight though B-LOVEE rocked the stage dolo. Well he had his guys with him but, he was the only one of his crew the rock the mic.

B-LOVEE performed his tracks that had NY and tic tok going crazy since the end of the summer, IYKYK, NEAKY and MY EVERYTHING!

B-LOVEE said he got his name from the Nutty Professor. Thought that was pretty dope, it says two things about him; that he’s a ladies man and that he appreciates the 90s 💯❤️‍🔥.

Speaking of ladies’ men, A BOOGIE WIT DA HOODIE was the headliner and he came out that night as ARTIST!

ARTY was out there on stage wooing the audience with his vocals and dance moves. 2.0 came out like Michael Jack reincarnated and everyone loved it.

No cap, you can tell BOOGIE enjoyed performing. He was vibing with the crowd all night and had everyone singing along. He mostly performed tracks from ARTIST 2.0 but also dug into the archives for the fans that have been rocking with him since he was ‘stepping over puddles of pain’ in the JUNGLE.

One thing that had us puzzled though, is how he performed his whole set with that jacket and hat on! 🥴🤯

Talk about super cool, you got that ARTY!

It was dope to see A BOOGIE perform tracks we all have been singing in the shower since 2016. And not for nothing but he kinda birthed a whole new sound, so it was dope seeing it from the source.

All in all it was a great show. Hats off to PLATINUM ENTERTAINMENT GROUP and CONCERT CRAVE for a well curated show. We hope the rest of the tour is as much of a success as it was at UMASS!

Shout out to @shotsbysp_ for the great flicks. Be sure to show her some love on IG and tell her we sent you!

Click the SHOWS tab to see some video clips of the night and look out for the full recap of the show out soon on 2BLUNTLIVE!

The L.O.X at the Strand Theater

The weather is cooling down here in New England but the night scene seems to be only heating up!

On Friday 10/15/21 The L.O.X pulled up to the Strand Theater in downtown Providence, RI. All three members were present and brought along some additional star power. We all know these hiphop legends are more than enough to bring out a big crowd but NAV ENTERTAINMENT was sure to pack out the venue by adding some local celebs to the show.
The concert was put together by as previously mentioned NAV ENTERTAINMENT, event promoters LMB Promotions and the local recreational marijuana dispensary KIND FARMS.

Boston’s own ‘Mayor’ LOU ARMSTRONG, participated that night but not as a musical performing act but as the host for the event. He’s been doing a lot of that lately, think he may have found a new career path as he continues to be an influencer in the community ?

Notable open acts in turn defer to rising star from Cambridge, MILLYZ! It makes scene to have MILLYZ have the bill considering his relationship with JADAKISS and the SO RASPY team. MILLYZ has been consistant with the pressure all year! Be sure to click our MUSIC VIDEO tab to see some of his latest videos. Harlem’s own NINO MAN had a set as an opener as well. He performed some of the tracks he’s known for like ‘I HATE YOU’ and ‘ALL I GOT’. NINO reminded us all why the OGs rock with him.

The L.O.X continue to demonstrate why they are legends in the game. They make the shit look so easy. JADAKISS, STYLES P and SHEEK LOUCH performed a flawless set for about an hour and a half. They took us to some of their classic albums leaving the audience with a nostalgic feeling. Watching them command the stage, enjoy the audience and themselves while performing showcased their experience in the game.

Technician the DJ was on the 1 & 2’s and kept the vibe right all night. He and JADA managed to pull a prank on STYLES and SHEEK with out them realizing. It was pretty funny. Look out for our video of the performance coming out soon! Keep an eye out on the SHOWS tab to see more.

JADAKISS had just finished performing on of his latest classics ‘HEAVEN OR HELL’ and had us thinking the show couldn’t get any better. At that moment, a special guest was announced to the stage. To our surprise that special guest was no other than JUNIOR MAFIA’s LIL CEASE! He came out and did some of his iconic songs like ‘PLAYERS ANTHEM’ and ‘CRUSH ON YOU’!

All in all it was a great show and we gotta tip our hats off to the man who made it all happen NAV ENT ?.

@NaviPromo @Kind_Farms for more info on the people responsible for the event.

Big shout out 2 @rcam_imaging n @rafeakspvd for the great photos ? ❤️‍?


Bia x Don Toliver Hit ICON for ‘Life of a Don Tour’ Afterparty

BIA and DON TOLIVER hit the House of Blues for their stop in Boston on the LIFE OF A DON TOUR early this month. Although DON TOLIVER was the headliner and the tour was meant to promote his latest album LIFE OF A DON, people were most excited to see Boston’s reigning princess BIA come back home to perform. The show felt like timely a homecoming.

This article, however, is about the AFTER PARTY which took place downtown Boston at ICON. The smaller more intimate venue allowed fans to get up close with the home town royalty. Shout out to NETA, a premium cannabis company who sponsored the party and to 6one7Events who brought out photographer Marika who provided these pictures!

BIA performed some of her high charting tracks and vibed out for the night. It was dope to see her interact with the audience she seemed to still be in tuned with the people and down to earth. It’s clear that the rising star is touching ‘A WHOLE LOTTA MONEY’ as her jewelry was giving DON TOLIVER some competition.

No BOGUS though, DON TOLIVER is a vibe. He has been steady taking off since his inception on the scene in 2018. If you have NO IDEA, go back and check out that DONNY WOMACK project! Fast forward 2 years later in 2020, DONNY dropped his first studio album HEAVEN OR HELL.

His sound is reminiscent of his label-boss TRAVIS SCOTT, who appears on DON’s latest project. The two mix melodies and fire instrumentals that help you zone out. However, DON TOLIVER’s style varies from TRAVIS in more ways than one. On the song ‘SWANGIN’ ON WESTHEIMER’ DON demonstrates his ability to sit in his pocket, providing a vibe that feels nostalgic but new at the same time.

LIFE OF A DON is a great project and frankly we have to thank BIA for putting us on to it.

The two compliment each other perfectly and make for a great show. The LIFE OF A DON TOUR wraps up this week. We are excited to hear the feedback from DON’s latest project and see what else BIA has in store for us! Btw, did you get a chance to see her at the BET awards ???

Photo cred ?: @marikarosegold