SLEEPY HALLOW set a four show tour where he stopped by BIG NIGHT LIVE in Boston on May 11th, 2023 for his third show.

The New York drill scene has been going crazy since 2018 and many people would credit WINNERS CIRCLE ENTERTAINMENT for helping establish the sound. With both SHEFF G and ELI FROSS stuck behind them bars, SLEEPY HALLOW is looked at as the front runner for the team.

Since we last linked up with SLEEPY he has dropped two projects; mixtape  SLEEPY FOR PRESIDENT and STILL SLEEP? a full studio album.
SLEEPY has also recently dropped a track for an audience that’s has been gravitating towards him, the ladies. The track ‘MARIE’ has the smooth laid back SLEEPY that the fans love.

Don’t get it twisted though, he is a rowdy one, as SLEEPY was in the news last year for throwing chairs at a restaurant in New Jersey during a brawl.
Through his music you get a real feel of SLEEP’s personality and where he is in life. In his recently released track ‘2 Minutes of Pain’, there’s a fire sample of a throwback Raggae track which sets a perfect tone for SLEEPY, as he delivers a track that is more like what we are used to hearing from him.

Last year, Spotify drop an exclusive on their RADAR segment where they interviewed SLEEPY HALLOW and gave the audience a chance to get an authentic feel of how he feels about his career. As mentioned earlier, SLEEP’s charismatic counterpart, SHEFF G is in jail and in the interview you really get the impression that SLEEP is trying to keep his head straight and stay out of trouble.

Focused on music we hope that SLEEPY HALLOW keeps dropping good projects. It feels like he his gearing up to put one out as he has a song that came out a little whiles back, ‘Die Young’ ft 347aidam. The song has a commercial appeal and would serve well as a single.
Who knows though, we’ll see. For now we’ll say FREE SHEFF G and ELI FROSS and just hope for more good music from WINNERS CIRCLE ENTERTAINMENT.

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MILLYZ and Friends @ HOB Boston

It has been said that getting notable attention nation wide is hard for artist in Massachusetts. However over the past several years a few artists have been knocking on the door of superstardom. BLANCO, the artist known as MILLYZ, is the focus of this article.

MILLYZ has been putting in work for years. Watching his interview on POWER 105.1’s BREAKFAST CLUB really put that in perspective. From the first night we seen him at that old club, CAPRICE downtown in 2011, all the way to his Cinco de Mayo homecoming concert at House of Blues Boston. Cambridge’s own MILLYZ really has come a long way.

Snatched up by JADAKISS and his SO RASPY team, MILLYZ is aiming to make a real impact in the industry. JADA accompanied the Cambridge star to POWER 105.1’s BREAKFAST CLUB earlier that week. During the interview,  they both illustrated how much work they have been putting in to make good music for those who love real Hiphop, Hiigh Level Rap, if you will.

Last time we checked in with MILLYZ he had just put out BLANCO 4. It’s early May ‘23 and BLANCO 6 has been in rotation for a few weeks now. You can hear the progress MILLYZ has been making in his music. As his confidence grows his music and delivery improves. Every song on his latest project resonates especially if your into introspective rap.

On May 5th, 2023 BLANCO kicks off his MILLYZ AND FRIENDS Tour at House of Blues Boston and he truly couldn’t have picked a better venue. The place, of course, was sold out_ packed to the brim with fans from all over New England ready and eager to see the potentially biggest artist coming from the Boston area.

With a new fire project out gaining spins and an arsenal of tracks in the vault, MILLYZ was more than prepared to put on a good show. To up the ante, BLANCO brought a few other recording artist to the stage with him in order to deliver an even more enjoyable show for those in attendance.

That boy from Marion, ALBEE AL came out to perform Risk Takers with MILLYZ a few other tracks. AL didn’t disappoint as he delivered that energy that he is so well known for. It’s dope to see the MASS/ JERSEY link up like that before they both respectfully really blow. Don’t sleep, we’ve been keeping tabs on ALBEE since 2019 when he was on bail.  Go check out KODA if you haven’t yet! He’s a great storyteller and keeps his audience engaged.

DAVE EAST is a more notable artist that hit the stage that night. EAST and MILLYZ have been linking up for projects since about early 2020 and dropped a full featured album last year rightfully titled Pablo & Blanco. The MASS APPEAL RECORDS artist, EAST, has been making noise since 2010 and feels like a great person for MILLYZ to work with to help transition into the game.

It was a star studded event for the Boston local scene. Other than JOYNER LUCAS and BIA, no other artist has been bringing as much energy and attention to the city as MILLYZ. It was great to see him HOB Boston and awesome to see how much support he got from other local artist. GIO DEE came out to perform his track with MILLYZ, entitled Love/ Hate (side note; Check out our video playlist to see the official music video!). DTHEFLYEST came out to play too, but stayed low key.

All in all it was a great night for the Boston HipHop scene. We’re sure MILLYZ AND FRIENDS will continue to sell out throughout the tour which is just awesome to think about. We wish MILLYZ and the rest of the performs prosperity, peace and more success throughout the tour.

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Dance Your Style: Red Bull Dance Competition

It’s late April and the cool spring air has people ready to come out and enjoy the city. RED BULL has been hosting dance competitions across the nation and picked great Friday to put on a free show for all who love seeing high packed energy dance offs.

The competition was located at City Hall Plaza down by Government Center. Side note, it’s nice seeing how much the city has changed! All the new buildings got Boston looking and feeling great on a cool night.
RED BULL made two great picks in host to guide the pretty big audience through the show. Mr. #140 on BOSTON MAGAZINE’s 150 Most Influential Bostonian List DJ Real P was accompanied by the beautiful Melisa ‘MELI’ Valdez, who is normally an in-arena host for the Celtics, were hired to do the job and they did a great one!

The show was well orchestrated and entertaining to watch. It was bracket style, one on one dance offs, red versus blue, winner advances.
The show included a neat way for the audience to interact while voting. Everyone was given a light up bracelet upon entry, after every round the audience would vote for their chosen winner by raising their bracelet in the air glowing in the color of their choosing, red or blue.

The show lasted several hours and had participants from all over the nation. The creative moves and at time intense competition between the dancers kept the crowd engaged and participating throughout the night.

Shout out to TRIGGERHOUSE who did a fantastic job with the stage set up and the lighting. DJs Big Bear and Young Paul worked the music all night and made some great selections for the dancers and the audience alike to rock too.
The show was a great time! Big up to Berk, marketing director over at RED BULL for putting the event together. Shout to out everyone who participated and to those who came out to vibe!


Dwayne Michael Cater, JR began performing at the young age of 12 years old and 28 years later he his still blessing us with his presence on stage. On April 13, 2023 the self proclaimed biggest Red Sox fan, LIL WAYNE stopped by the House of Blues Boston for his Welcome to tha Cater tour.

The CASH MONEY/ YOUNG MONEY Entertainment tycoon graced the city with a full set of performance tracks delivered with the energy only LIL WAYNE himself can provide. The legendary artist performed about 30 songs and left the audience with a lasting impression.

The venue was sold out and pack with Weezy fans, providing a great atmosphere to welcome the 5 time Grammy award winning artist.

The city has been hosting a lot of great concerts as of late. But this one was definitely one for the books. It’s great to see after all these years LIL WAYNE is still a force to be reckoned with, even while sporting pajamas and a sweater with a Pokémon on it. Lol

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