¥$ BASEL 23: Vultures Rave

2023 came and left in a flash with overwhelming new amount of anticipation for the future. With talks of AI, war/ genocide in the Middle East and Afro beats still going strong, 2023 felt like an erratic and chaotic year.

We decided to end the year in Miami, a perfect location to vibe out, catch some sun rays and welcome the winter solstice. ART BASEL takes place in Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood early December where artists, taste makers and fans of the culture come from all over the world to commune, network and celebrate selfexpression and art.

While down there, we had the privilege to meet many different walks of life and documented most of it. As most of you know, Kanye West decided to do a surprise concert in the mist of all the festivities. It felt uncanny to be honest. There was a sort of calm before the madness. Dinning at a low key Jamaican restaurant, is the humble Kanye West, vibing and previewing unheard music with all that were in attendance.

We weren’t present, although, we did dine at that restaurant several days before Ye popped up but it felt cool to know that Ye is out being himself and vibing with the people.

Kanye went on to throw what was advertised as a rave. It was underground and definitely cult-like with an exclusive and creative website where you can purchase the tickets. The show only had about 200-300 people in attendance but the city went kind of crazy behind the Ye madness as the website crashed because of too much traffic. Tickets were being sold via Instagram on a fan account. Felt a little sketchy. But the show did indeed happen!

Kanye brought out a star-studded line-up to accompany him and preview new music from his upcoming collaboration album with TY DOLLA $IGN. The line-up included LIL DURK,  OFFSET, CHRIS BROWN, KODAK BLACK, FREDDIE GIBBS, TY DOLLA $IGN and the biggest star yet Yeezy’s daughter NORTH WEST. The whole line-up came on stage in the fresh code; all black everything.

It’s always dope to get new music from Kanye but with Miami’s ART BASEL as a backdrop for new YEEZY is just perfect.

The show bared some controversy as some of the performers in attendance have been wrapped up in some not so favorable affairs. It was reported that KODAK had been arrested for cocaine possession the day prior to his appearance with Ye.
CHRIS BROWN, who has had his fair share of controversial moments in his career. OFFSET who is still kind of feuding with ex MIGO mate QUAVO and morning the death of TAKEOFF all while promoting a sophomore solo album, SET IT OFF. FREDDIE GIBBS, known for his underground notoriety and for falling out with the snowman, JEEZY. LIL DURK, who had a great year as the self-proclaimed voice of the trenches.

TY and NORTH arn’t too controversial but can’t deny they both add a certine flair to the show. Miss West was more than just part of the entourage, -she was there to make her musical debut!

The most controversial of them all, however is no other than KANYE WEST, himself, who has been accused of using antisemitic rhetoric and is visibly still experiencing mental health issues. This is a sensitive statement to make because most people will take it as dismissive which it isn’t at all. Ye is def on to something as he constantly seems to find the pulse of the culture and tap into it to chime in his creativity.
What is most curious though was Kanye’s complete outfit. He was out on stage, yes in all black, but also what appeared to be what looked like a Klu Klutz Klan hood, an oversized cropped T, a baggie pair of comfy sweatpants and some sock shoes, which we now know are his new Yeezy Sock Pod products, worn up to just beneath his knees like the knickerboxers . As odd as it was, the look was stunning and seemed to resonate on a certain level. It was reminiscent of them old Champ hoodies, -you know the ones with the cone head?

Miami ART BASEL was a great way to end 2023 and the fact that Kanye West thought so too is just great. For those who are excited as we are for VULTURES to drop, there’s some exclusive Kanye music that is out for everyone to enjoy. You can find a number of new songs and even a full length album from the contemporary maestro under the artist name of ‘BR1X3R’ and ‘Tobes’ on APPLE MUSIC.

Check it out, you’ll be glad we hipped you! 😎

Photo credits: @331des + @zacschuss📸📷

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