Dat Way with OFFSET

Hiphop has many different facets to it and as time passes we see the genre continue to evolve. Like Rock developed into a genre with many subdivisions, it seems as if Hiphop is following suit. In this article we visit the solo act in OFFSET as he has parted ways from the mega group MIGOS and is on tour promoting his third solo studio album, SET IT OFF.

MIGOS as a group faced their share of controversy and struggle as they climbed the charts and became one of the most impactful acts of the 2010s into 2020s. They were an underground sinsation making noise and creating buzz on online platforms and mostly college parties before they were slapped with the label of being mumble rappers. The group birth a vibe and energy that inspired a generation of artists and they all collectively worked hard to debunk the mumble title.

As a trio the group demonstrated intricate rhyme schemes and rhythmic patterns. Their three man weave was beyond impressive as their cadence and synchronization demonstrated the complexity in their artistry. What made the group most impressive however, was their remarkable stage presence and performances.

The death of TAKEOFF caused dissonance in the group, both QUAVO and OFFSET decided to continue their careers as solo acts. Well, all three of them had solo acts before TAKE’s demise and there were rumors about feuds within group as QUAVO and TAKEOFF dropped a project without OFFSET appearing on it at all. Nonetheless, TAKE’s absence has had a big impact on the overall movement. Quavo’s sophomore solo album ROCKET POWER felt like an ode to TAKEOFF, it is apparent how much the loss affected him.

OFFSET, however, seems to be ready to carry the weight of the team as he puts on his Michael glove and shows us exactly what he means by ‘Dat Way’. SET performed at the House of Blues Boston on March 15th and showcased another level to his artistry. His set came equipped with dancers and moves from OFFSET himself.

It was kind of reminiscent of MC Hammer, which is pretty funny but implications are interesting. Do people want more from their Hiphop acts? Or is OFFSET just on one and this is his best way of copping/ expressing himself? Either way the event was packed and the audience was ecstatic to watch the show and interact with the star.
It’s great to see something different done in the space. As HipHop continues to evolve it’s exciting to see what else will be brought to the table. TAKEOFF lead the wave, QUAVO showed us what Rocket Power is all about and OFFSET, well he’s going ‘Dat Way’.

Photo cred: @kmagzphoto 📸 📷

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