Jesenia The Singer: Jesenia The Artist

Jesenia the singer is taking the R&B world by storm, captivating us with her versatility in her two newest music videos. The multi-talented, independent artist recently dropped two new singles “Rodeo”  and “Do Me Like That”, accompanied by music videos. Jesenia channels old school R&B in her latest single “Rodeo”, a song about repetitive failure in love. Her other video for the single, “Do Me Like That” depicts a multimedia artistic experience, as Jesenia uses several mediums to tell a love story gone awry. “Do Me Like That”  chronicles the thought process of a woman presumably at the end of a volatile relationship. She expresses disappointment in her love interest who seems to have left her at a low point or in Jesenia’s words “folded” on her.The opening scene of the video is a testament to Jesenia’s artistry, as she adds the finishing touches to a dark mural painting which serves as the backdrop for a good portion of the music video. Jesenia channels her inner Lara Croft in an all-black outfit, with a slinky black bralette, sheer black cargoes, black timbs, and a floor-length, braided ponytail that screams alpha-woman. She contrasts these scenes with scenes of her interacting with her love interest. In these scenes, she is clearly embodying a more vulnerable version of herself, of which her lover seems to be taking advantage. She contemplates their relationship, “Certain questions that I sit around and I ask myself/ Like do you love me/ Will you leave me?/ Are you bad for my health?“Rodeo” is a bit more upbeat tempo, but the message is similar in this R&B ballad: This is not Jesenia’s first rodeo. Jesenia voice travels in melodious rifts over a soft guitar. Clad in a cowgirl outfit, she rides in on the back of a chocolate brown horse. “When I’m with you boy it feels good but I always find myself misunderstood,/ then you tell me I’m trippin/ And you start acting distant. She goes on to say that her personal damage has caused similar situations in her love life, and maybe it’s time for her to be alone. I loved that the resolution after both of these rollercoaster experiences was self-love. Jesenia’s vulnerability makes her so relatable. She has been through some things, just like any of us and she is sharing her stories with us through her art. Her work is pure expression, and her delivery is authentic. She is no doubt a talent to watch. 

“Do Me Like That” shot and directed by @colinpagnoni, big shout out for the pictures???

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