Yxng K.A at JEWEL Music Venue

As things slowly start to open back up, venues are taking the right precautions and making the accommodations to a hear by the demand for shows. After the Sheff G show was shut down in Worcester, MA due to COVID violations, @PrinceflyTy and @VasJanzisi take their services to Manchester, NH where the motto is “Live free or die..” ??‍♂️. With that said, we shot out to JEWEL Music Venue for a show headlining Yxng K.A, Philadelphia’s Stack or Starve artist.

The crew at JEWEL’s crew were receptive and had a pretty cool and innovative seating arrangement for the show. With less COVID worries air, opening acts hit the stage and tore it up. Click the following link 2 see quick interviews with some of the opening acts -> https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDsPkBZiqJxm09Ksd52VISB_quyY9oIg7

We had the opportunity to sit down with K.A and do an interview, click the SHOWS tab to see the full interview out on Friday April 30, 2021. For now enjoy these pictures brought to you by @Porter.1no

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