Spring Flowers from Nicki Minaj and Mariah The Scientist 💐

The music industry is notoriously known for being one with a misogynistic environment. In the past two decades or so we have been seeing a shift in the tone in which entertainment is procured. We’ve seen the inception of numerous artists from all over the nation that cater to bold and ambitious young women. This article is about two artists that came to our region to bless their audiences with some of their girl magic.

Monday April 8th, the city of Boston was graced with the presence of the one and only NICKI MINAJ. The juggernaut of an MC was in the city for her PINK FRIDAY 2 WORLD TOUR which was a two night affair at TD Garden. People flocked from all over New England to come see the mega star perform. But NICKI wasn’t the only star in orbit this week, the rising RNB sinsation MARIAH THE SCIENTISTS also performed in Providence at the Strand. Both acts are a testament to the woman stardom within the industry.MARIAH THE SCIENTIST was on tour for her third studio album, “To Be Eaten Alive”. The 26 year old RNB artist comes from Atlanta, Georgia and was signed to TORY LANEZ’s label One Umbrella and RCA Records. MARIAH has been making some noise since her debut album “Master” and has been consistently growing her audiences since her inception into the industry. Her smooth and laid back vocals are reminiscent of Jhené Aiko and her style of music. We are excited to see how MARIAH’s artistry will develop and the impact it will have on the RNB scene.

NICKI MINAJ had some tricks up her sleeve for her audiences in Boston. NICKI brought out Massachusetts’ own BIA on stage with her to perform the song that BIA credited for changing her life. The two performed ‘A WHOLE LOT OF MONEY’ a track that is more like an anthem for young women who aspire to be successful and live a posh lifestyle.

Both NICKI MINAJ and MARIAH THE SCIENTIST are testaments to the tone of the music industry. One that recognizes women in the market and is represented by artists that can relate and be their voice. With new artists such as TINK, SEXYY RED, MULATTO, GloRilla, CITY GIRLS, MEGAN THEE STALLION and ICE SPICE to name a few, the future is looking bright for women in Hiphop and RNB.

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