ComplexCon: A Photographer’s Perspective

ComplexCon, a melting pot of creativity, trends, and influential personalities, recently played host to a legion of talents, including the local photographer known as Cal Xander (@50cal_turf) , who shared his captivating experience at the event. Accompanied by Hervgotti (@successismycologne), 50cal embarked on this journey with the primary motivation of exposing his work, networking with key figures in the sneaker, music, and hip-hop industries, and connecting with emerging creatives from Los Angeles and beyond.

The essence of ComplexCon, as described by Cal Xander, is a pulsating hub of positivity and freshness. Exclusive releases and collaborations were the order of the day, setting the stage for a sensory overload of the latest trends in brands, music, and emerging artists. The event spanned across two days, from 12-7 pm, offering a plethora of panels, events, and performances that added to the overall immersive experience.

One of the highlights for Xander was encountering unexpected personalities, such as Black Sam, Nipsey Hussle’s brother, and the surprise appearance of Chief Keef. The chance to photograph the Clermont Twins up close, whom 50cal had been following for a while, added a personal touch to the event. The representation of Boston and Massachusetts, with figures like Felix! and Bori Rock, showcased the event’s diverse appeal, bringing together talents from all over including the home team.

For Xander, the trip’s pinnacle was the realization of goals set with Herv. The weekend unfolded with organic moments, from random encounters with Xzibit to spending quality time with Madeintyo. Noteworthy was the visit to Last Good Film Labs, owned by Boston native JMP, affirming 50cal’s commitment to quality in film photography.

Reflecting on the experience, Cal expressed a desire to bring his Canon 70-200mm lens to capture Kid Cudi’s set more intimately. However, his persistent approach throughout the weekend allowed him to seize numerous opportunities, such as capturing a candid shot of Kerwin Frost while waiting in line.

In terms of gear, Xander shared his equipment details, emphasizing his dedication to film photography with a Canon Rebel 2000, Kodak Portra 400, 120, Cinestill 50d, and occasional digital shots on his Canon EosR with a 50mm lens.

ComplexCon, through Cal Xander lens, emerges as not merely an event but a dynamic space where passion, creativity, and opportunity converge, making it a must-attend for those seeking to immerse themselves in the pulse of contemporary culture.

Photos by @50cal_turf 📸 📷

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