Dance Your Style: Red Bull Dance Competition

It’s late April and the cool spring air has people ready to come out and enjoy the city. RED BULL has been hosting dance competitions across the nation and picked great Friday to put on a free show for all who love seeing high packed energy dance offs.

The competition was located at City Hall Plaza down by Government Center. Side note, it’s nice seeing how much the city has changed! All the new buildings got Boston looking and feeling great on a cool night.
RED BULL made two great picks in host to guide the pretty big audience through the show. Mr. #140 on BOSTON MAGAZINE’s 150 Most Influential Bostonian List DJ Real P was accompanied by the beautiful Melisa ‘MELI’ Valdez, who is normally an in-arena host for the Celtics, were hired to do the job and they did a great one!

The show was well orchestrated and entertaining to watch. It was bracket style, one on one dance offs, red versus blue, winner advances.
The show included a neat way for the audience to interact while voting. Everyone was given a light up bracelet upon entry, after every round the audience would vote for their chosen winner by raising their bracelet in the air glowing in the color of their choosing, red or blue.

The show lasted several hours and had participants from all over the nation. The creative moves and at time intense competition between the dancers kept the crowd engaged and participating throughout the night.

Shout out to TRIGGERHOUSE who did a fantastic job with the stage set up and the lighting. DJs Big Bear and Young Paul worked the music all night and made some great selections for the dancers and the audience alike to rock too.
The show was a great time! Big up to Berk, marketing director over at RED BULL for putting the event together. Shout to out everyone who participated and to those who came out to vibe!

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