Dwayne Michael Cater, JR began performing at the young age of 12 years old and 28 years later he his still blessing us with his presence on stage. On April 13, 2023 the self proclaimed biggest Red Sox fan, LIL WAYNE stopped by the House of Blues Boston for his Welcome to tha Cater tour.

The CASH MONEY/ YOUNG MONEY Entertainment tycoon graced the city with a full set of performance tracks delivered with the energy only LIL WAYNE himself can provide. The legendary artist performed about 30 songs and left the audience with a lasting impression.

The venue was sold out and pack with Weezy fans, providing a great atmosphere to welcome the 5 time Grammy award winning artist.

The city has been hosting a lot of great concerts as of late. But this one was definitely one for the books. It’s great to see after all these years LIL WAYNE is still a force to be reckoned with, even while sporting pajamas and a sweater with a Pokémon on it. Lol

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