Mr. Swipey at Jewels Nightclub

Stack Gold Ent put together a great show last Friday by bringing out up and coming New York sensation Mr. Swipey. The Brooklyn native came through New England literally spinning the whole night. We haven’t seen that much energy packed in one person in a while. Swipey didn’t come alone though, he brought along his crew including Mr. Exotic, Dilli, Jet Li, Mikey, Ca$hie, Swaggu and more.

This event was unfortunately not as packed as we would have hoped for such a good performer, but Mr. Swipey and his team still put on a great show for all that were there. Swarming with 2BLUNT tees, the audience spun along with Mr. Swipey and shouted out POW all night, which we later found out means ‘Peace Over War’.

We got the chance to chop it up with Swipey and he introduced his crew. The venue happened to be hosting a peculiar event that nigh, which made the logistics to the interview a bit chaotic. Consequently, the interview became kind of a mock based series of questions by all those who were backstage. It was a little hectic but we tried our best to cover it.

Per usual, we interviewed most of the opening acts to the show. Look out for those videos dropping throughout the week exclusively #2BLUNTLIVE.

Stay tuned, full interview with Mr. Swipey, an introduction to his crew, performances and more out soon. For now enjoy these photos by our man Porter!

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