Summer is here and is just as hot as the talent out in the city. Boston has a bubbling music scene with artists of all arrays and with varying styles, our man Kamal aka 20, couldn’t resist but to create an event that showcases some of the heat out here. In Central Sq in Cambridge, MA a new platform for artists has been created and is quite frankly pretty dope. It’s called STARLIGHT located on Bishop Allen Drive, from the research that we have done the place was created as an initiative to give people a space to gather and celebrate life and the arts.

We were bummed that we missed this event, it really seemed like a vibe. Thankfully there were some talented photographers on the scene that took great shots. The photos presented in the blog were brought to you by the lovely Ms. Marika (@Marikarosegold)

The performance line up was pretty stacked, ya boy 20 really did his thing. The young event planner has a pretty good track record of past events and his reputation of providing good vibes seems to persist. This Kamal was first time putting together a concert, he definitely seem to have nailed it. 20 is also infamously known for throwing art showcases in the Boston area and said to be the first to throw a sneaker convention in the city, Sneakergreet.

Kamal is not an artist nor producer but has been spending time with influential artists like SOAP.WAV and had an understanding of the energy and pent up potential in the city. He told us it was all the good music and visuals local artists have been putting out that encouraged him to put together the showcase on Bishop Allen Drive. The free event had a great show out of performers and people attending, we really can’t wait until the next one.

20 went on to tell us that he was a bit nervous when putting the whole thing together, but once things started to get into motion people and artist from all over we’re trying to get involved. This event was necessary and hopefully a start to a good thing.

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