Halloween just passed and things around the town seemed spookier then normal. We don’t know if people were itching to get out since COVID canceled the festivities last year, but this year’s spooky season was type wild. The weekend was so packed with things to do that the fun spilled over onto Monday the 1st of November.

To quickly touch base on some of the things that went down last weekend; there was Ella Bands over at LIT Lounge in Providence, RI.. That same night in Plymouth was supposed to be a star strutted event with a couple major local acts on board. Unfortunately, due to police intervention, the show did not go down and is rescheduled for later in the year. Due to ‘gang activity’ the show will be split into two, one in New Bedford with D the Flyest and another in Plymouth with Cousin Stizz. Stay posted for more info.

This article however is about a show that took place on the third day of what felt like a long weekend. Who else but Vasjan put this one together. Fresh off of a show the night before at Lower Level in Pawtucket with Brooklyn rapper 22Gz, Vas managed to get the logistics right in time for the following day.

This time around the eastern European promoter brings out one of Detroit’s most active artist, TEE GRIZZLEY! There was a bit of confusion due to a venue change caused by (yet again) a “gang affiliated” threat. But Vasjan prove that he his #BUILTFORWHATEVER by booking and packing Centro Nightclub last minute and making it work.

The motor city rapper was suppose too headline a show in Lowell, MA that very night but did not for whatever reason and the only chance fans got to see of him was at Vas’ event.

TEE GRIZZLEY was also spotted in the city shooting a video with @TYT_Management’s artist BOUJEE LEEK.

We didn’t get a chance to pull up but did check him out at the show where he performed several tracks. Look out for the full performance on our SHOWS tab coming out later this week.

Big shout out to our guy Drew for the flicks! Be sure to show him some love on IG @DrewDummer1 and look out for more content exclusively here on 2BLUNT!

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