“Had 2 trap to make a way, it’s a cold business..”  The goat POLO G’s HALL OF FAME tour hit Lowell, MA on September 18th. Tsongas arena hosted the concert providing a light show for all in attendance to enjoy. Who else but Concert Crave to bring you an event of this magnitude.

POLO G is unarguably a figure to pay attention to. Whether it’s how he effortlessly expresses himself in such a relatable manner or his poise mystique, POLO attracts listeners and fans of all ages and demographics.

Can’t help to be both glad yet disappointed to see these shows. In one hand it is great to see these inner city kids get the opportunity to have their music and points of views heard by thousands but it is also a bit disheartening to not see other inner city kids present at the show. I mean don’t get me twisted, that’s clearly a generalization. But really tho, these shows are catered to universities and their students. Just feel like POLO’s music may resonate a bit more with others who grew up or went through similar situations.

The mixture of pain and confidence allows POLO G to make music that transcends demographical barriers. The mix crowd reciting his lyrics made it evident. The contrast between race, class and music is interesting and definitely an area we would love to explore.

At the end of the day, we are all blessed enough to have access to POLO’s music and can purchase tickets to the events when in town. Information is key. The first step to experiencing these exciting events, is to know about them. Stay posted here on 2BLUNTLIVE or any or our social networks to keep up with the latest events in your area!

”..Bitch just be grateful you got 2 witness that.”

Photo cred ?: @shotsbysp_ ?❤️‍?



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