RAH SWISH live in Worcester

Many people do not realize how much goes into putting together a good show. Time after time, VASJAN and his crew prove to be a team that knows what they are doing.
Last Thursday, VASJAN and Ben Joseph put together another successful concert. This time around they brought rapper from Canarsie and W?? affiliate, RAH SWISH!

There was a last minute location change for the event that cause some minor confusion, but Vas and his team did their best to get the logistics right and accommodate all who participated.

The night kicked off for us with a series of interviews from the lead dj, the opening acts and two beautiful coordinators of the event.

The dj of the event was Roxbury resident @scoobyav. His light/ cool personality made for a good curator of vibes as he got the party started early and kept the sound sounding right all night.

We got a chance to sit down with 6 out of the nine performers and get an up close look on who they are and where their music is coming from.
We interviewed Mattapan raper @Mikeeze, two cousin rappers from Brockton @BigAudi6a and @CampaignBenny, Queens rappers @Losoybw and lastly @MikeyMilano from Dorchester.

We also interviewed the only woman performer that night @CinderallaGeneral but unfortunately by the time we got to her the music in the venu was loud and hard to hear ?.
We did get the chance to chop it up and hopefully you’ll see her someday on 2BLUNTLIVE!

Other opening acts included North Cambridge’s @FassCoupe who brought out the Hyde Park street legend @JuniorMass; @Shu1Bill from Lawarance who made his perfromance rememberable with his crazy stage presence; and the prince of the city, Boston that is, @TrottieYGizzle who was responsible for filling up half the venu with his crew alone.
The interviews and some of the performances are already up now on our SHOWS tab. Look out for performance from @FassCoupe @JuniorMass @Shu1Bill and @TrottieYGizzle out later this week here in 2BLUNTLIVE!

As far as the headlining act, it was lit! The WOO’s came in swarming like hurricane and before you know it had everyone ‘Treeshin’ !

RAH SWISH came in wearing a purple ski mask that reflected light in the dark and the moment he started speaking you could feel his star power.

Brodi performed a track or two before he got into his latest released song with the late POP SMOKE ‘BRUSH EM’!
It was a scene to remember but surprisingly the crowd, well the ladies really, went crazy when ‘Treeshin’ actually came on! It was a movie.. that’s coming out soon ??

Like a hurricane, the WOO’s came in did damage and dipped. They moved so fast and were low, we didn’t even see them sneak out the door! Lol.

Anyways, the night was lit af. If you have not experienced one of VASJAN shows your missing out! Stay tuned on our IG (@2BLUNTTV) for updates on upcoming events! Next up is DAVE EAST.

We are gearing up to drop the full RAH SWISH performance video by the end of the week. If you weren’t there and didn’t get to Treesh with everyone, sit back, watch and enjoy the show from the comfort of.. where ever you are, exclusively on 2BLUNTLIVE!

Shout out 2 the photographers @jpsrods @jwillette35 ?❤️‍?

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