Travis Scott @ The Grand

Night life in Greater Boston is really turning up. Wether it’s concerts with local acts or bigger shows with well known headliners the music scene in and around the area seems to be thriving.

One of the biggest contributors to the new standard that is being place on Boston night life, The Grand, hosted one of hiphop’s biggest current pop stars, TRAVIS SCOTT.

I don’t know about y’all, but we are excited to see this! Feels like Boston is attracting more and more celebrities. And with the addition of new condos and buildings going up, really feels like Boston has some tricks up the sleeve when it comes to the social scene. Just drive through downtown and you can feel the vibe switch from just a few years ago.

With this new vibe comes venues like Big Night Live and The Grand. We have yet to check out BNL but are definitely looking forward to it in the future.

Unfortunately we didn’t get to make it out to the Cactus Jack show the other day but got some flicks courtesy @maxvisuals_

There were mix reviews about the actual event, but just the fact that it took place shows we are in the right direction.
Keep it up Boston! ❤️‍? ?

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